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    STUDY, PERFORM, and TEACH interpretation and translation since 2004

    Please contact cuefit@gmail.com for more information 


    Dedicated tto interpretation and translation

    Since 2004


    Member and Director of

    Korean Association of Translators & Interpreters


    Adjunct Professor of Graduate School for
    Interpretation and translation


    MA in Conference Interpretation

    PHD Candidate of Translation Studies


    Freelance Conference Interpreter Since 2010




    Turn Your Brand-On


    Dedicted to studying thoeery and practice of interpretation and translation. 

    Brand-On will help you not only for communication but also how to get prepared for crucial meetings and conferences. 


    Interpreting is a tough task, it takes more than 10+ years of experexperience  to deliver consistent performance.  Just like any business, expereince matters!


    Customers do not come back on when they are not satisfied.

    You can rely on Brand-on who has more than dozens of customers  who chose Brand-on for more than 5 years.


    Dedicated to Btter Communication Since 2004

    You can see industry-specific track record. 


    Specialized in IT & Tec


    IT Knowledge

    PMP, ITIL, IOT Competence

    CISA, CPPG Completed


    Project Experiences

    TATA Vehicle SAP ERP project

    Intralot National Lottery Network project (with LG CNS)

    Hyundai Card Credit Analysis project

    SC Bank Data Warehouse project: team lead

    Samsung Fashion Product Lifecycle Management project: team lead

    Worked as PMO for SC Bank

    Key Areas


    IT & Tech – more than 400 times


    Security- Intel, FireEye, Blue Coat, Symantec,

    Cisco, KISA, Splunk

    Network- Cisco, Juniper, Ciena

    Cloud & Big Data: Oracle, Teradata,Pivotal, AWS, Splunk, MS, OpenStack 

    PLM/CRM: Siemens, Dassault, Lectra, Hybris

    Analytics & Simulation: FICO, SAS, MathWorks         

    Automation: Siemens, Emerson, MS, Ansys

    Storage: EMC, Quest  

    Data Management: Veritas, Actifio

    IoT: Wind River

    Block Chain: EOS, Tron, Korea Block Chain Association


    -COPD-related KFDA Protocol Review

    -COPD and Asthma related new drug launch- Simultaneous interpretation 15 times or more

    -Aesthetic Surgery Society Conference- Simultaneous interpretation 2 times

    -Plastic Surgery Conference- Simultaneous interpretation 5 times

    -Asian Eye Surgery Conference- Simultaneous interpretation

    -N-cog thread lifting conference- Simultaneous interpretation

    -Botox Press Conference-Consecutive interpretation

    -JCI Mock Survey National University and Private University Hospital-Consecutive interpreting,

    -Korea Food Conference-Simultaneous Interpretation

    -International Cardiovascular Disease Society - Simultaneous interpretation

    -International Cancer Society Congress - Simultaneous interpretation

    -International Fermented Food Conference- Simultaneous Interpretation

    -Korean Hospital Association Conference-Simultaneous Interpretation (Medical Management and Stem Cells) 2 times,

    -Robots and rehabilitation medicine conference- Simultaneous Interpretation

    -Myungji Hospital cancer conference - Simultaneous Interpretation

    -Bio-Korea-Simultaneous interpretation (pharmaceutical licensing, SME development, vaccine development process) 3 times,

    -Sanofi Marketing BP Case Forum - Simultaneous Interpretation

    -Clinical Experiment Audit Interpretation 2 times (Europe, USA)

    -Stem cell cultivation related education, covering full process related- Consecutive Interpretation

    -New medicine launching symposium => Menopause Hormone Treatment

    -New medicine launching symposium => Target treatment of thyroid cancer

    -New medicine launching symposium => Chronic renal failure diseases and influences

    -Hwasun Vaccine Forum 3 times simultaneous interpretation

    -Interpretation of patients with rare diseases

    There Are Many Other Subject Areas that I covered more than dozens of times

    Automotive (Toyota, Lexus)


    Gaming (Epic, Blizzards)


    Sports (2018 Winter Olympics Bid)


    Aerospace (Boeing, KAF)


    Fashion (Samsung, LG, Kolon)


    Defense (Served as Army Interpreter)


    Details to be provided upon request.



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